The Hashtag Show

Topical banter and music from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee in this brand new podcast show thing.

The Hashtag Show #38 Only 4 Weeks to our Live #Show

April 1st, 2018

Happy Easter, its episode #38 and the boys are finally reunited and talking about The Masons, Victoias Nightclub Fire, Catching Rats, Drugs, Sausages, The Fancy Bangers, Stealing, Kids, Who would you love tp punch in the face PLUS  the forthcoming Hashtag Live Show in 4 weeks time !

Music from Moby, Radio Head, Gamesmaster plus more Listeners Questions and as always the final track magically selected by, THE "Randomiser".

The Hashtag Show, a fortnightly'ish music & comedy podcast from

Gary Little, Scott Gibson DJ Mallorca Lee.


@ The Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow 

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The Hashtag Show #33 HNY 2018

January 4th, 2018

HNY 2018, HOMELESS, AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS, JACKIE BEARD, AGE, FIREWORKS, ESCALATOR, PUKING ON PEOPLE, CARAVAN, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER ?, STEAK PIE, HAGGIS, BLADERUNNER, STARWARS, OBESE  are just some of the topics discussed on #33 over an electric mix of music from HARDCORE UPROAR, BASEMENT JAXX, BECK, LIL LOUIS, DAFT PUNK, JOY DIVISION, plus loads more Listeners Questions and as always, the final track magically selected by THE "Randomiser" .


The Hashtag Show, a fortnightly music & comedy podcast from

Gary Little, Scott Gibson DJ Mallorca Lee.

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The Hashtag Show #29 Join us for #Live5 03/12/17

October 17th, 2017

The boys are back for #29 to tackle more of your questions including updates on Gary's Chickens, Scott's trip to Paris, Mall's Tomowhawk Steak,  Sectarian Hurricaines, Shite on your finger, Live#5, The George Michael Documentary ALL mixed into an eclectic mix of music from Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac, Yazz, T-Rex, Rage Against The Machine, Morrissey  and as always, the final track magically selected by THE "Randomizzzzzzer"


Get your tickets for The Hashtag LIVE #5, its Xmas Fancy Dress !

Sunday 3rd December 2017 @ The Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow.

Doors open 1pm - Click for tickets

starring Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee

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The Hashtag Show #08

March 7th, 2016

Ferrets, Accents, Glasgow subway, Charity shops, Handbags, Cats & Dogs are just some of the topics tackled on #8 over an eclectic mix of music from Simple Minds, The Stranglers, The Foo Fighters, Rhythm Quest, The Clash, Wham plus more chat, listeners questions and a final track selected by the "randomiser" !

Welcome to the Hashtag Show, the brand new podcast from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee.

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