The Hashtag Show

Topical banter and music from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee in this brand new podcast show thing.

The Hashtag Show #35

February 9th, 2018

GARY'S LIVE ON SKYPE FROM AUSTRALIA, TELSA ROCKETS, HYBRID CARS, SCOTTS LOCAL NEWS, ABERDEEN DOG WALKERS, 10 GREATEST RAVE/HOUSE ANTHEMS, NEW MERCHANDISE, HASHTAG SHOW LIVE 6, WATSAPP, MALLs NEW ALBUM, GOD, DIY, OLD CURRECY are just some of the topics discussed on #35 over an electric mix of music from ELTON JOHN, TIESTO, LFO, CRYSTAL WATERS, MALLORCA LEE feat. ROSS FERGUSON plus loads more Listeners Questions and as always, the final track magically selected by THE "Randomiser".

"Songs from a short film, no one will see" is the brand new, acoustic chill out album from Mallorca Lee is released on iTunes / Spotify etc 12/2/18 

The Hashtag Show, a fortnightly music & comedy podcast from

Gary Little, Scott Gibson DJ Mallorca Lee.

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The Hashtag Show #19

September 29th, 2016

Frights, Lost Passport, Brangelina, TV License, Glow, #LIVE03, Marti Pellow, STV Glasgow and The Hashtag #Review of SMOKE BBQ Restaurant are just some of the topics tackled on #19 over an electric mix of music from Heaven 17, Young MC, Wet Wet Wet, The Ruts, Dolly Parton and Black Box PLUS back bigger than ever, Celebrity Square Go, even more Listeners Questions and as always, the final track to end it all selected by THE "Randomiser".

HASHTAG LIVE #3 Fancy Dress Xmas Party on Sunday 11th December 2016 1pm-6pm SOLD OUT !!!!

The Hashtag Show, a fortnightly music & comedy podcast from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee 


The Hashtag Show #07

February 18th, 2016

The Baftas, Film Trailers, Valentines, Favourite weather, Superstition, Front loaded sandwiches and Custard are just some of the topics the trio discuss on #7 over an eclectic mix of music from Lisa Stansfield, Humanoid, Eric B & Rakim, Tenacious D, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash plus more chat, listeners questions, news on The Hashtag Show LIVE and a final track selected by the "randomiser" !

Welcome to the Hashtag Show #07, a brand new podcast from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee.

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