The Hashtag Show

Topical banter and music from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee in this brand new podcast show thing.

The Hashtag Show #17

July 29th, 2016

We are back ... Shite Coffee, Whistling, Passive Aggression , Holidays, Steak, Daft Punk, Embarrassing Situations are just some of the topics covered on #17 over an electric mix of music from The Bee Gee's,  The Doors, Daft Punk, Arab Strap, Kate Bush, Iron Maiden PLUS Celebrity Square Go, even more Listeners Questions, our brand new feature #Recommendations for your listening pleasure and as always, our final track selected by THE "Randomiser".

HASHTAG LIVE #2 Sunday 4th September 2016 - SOLD OUT ! 

The Hashtag Show, a fortnightly music & comedy podcast from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee 


The Hashtag Show #06

February 4th, 2016

Donald Trump, Recycling, Farting in a lift, Camping and Hero's are just some of the topics the trio dissect with an eclectic mix of music from The Jungle Brothers, ELO, Public Domain, John Cale, Sunscreem, The Bee Gee's plus more chat, listeners questions, the BIG competition and a final track selected by the "randomiser" !

Welcome to the Hashtag Show #06, a brand new podcast from Scottish comedians Gary Little, Scott Gibson and DJ Mallorca Lee.

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