Scott's live from Manchester VIA Skype desperately trying to hold Gary & Mall together as they record episode #45.

Scott beard, Gary's Chickens, Mall's mates are discussed alongside LOADS of listeners questions like Who would you love to batter?, Casino's, Cousins, Scotch Pie on a roll?, Southside, Favourite potatoes, Have you ever bought something you could wear outside? The Biggest Loss made on an item you bought? plus the final track selected by the Randomizer and a brand new section at the end of the podcast called The Gaz & Mall Show, just two guys of a certain age, chatting away (because Scott left to go to a gig!). 

Music from Primal Scream's album Screamadelica.

The Hashtag Show, a fortnightly'ish Mens Health podcast from  

Gary Little, Scott Gibson DJ Mallorca Lee.

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