Are you ready for our second LIVE recording? #65 was recorded live at The Classic Grand, Glasgow.

Scott & Mall are back with another massive LIVE episode recorded in front of 100 hero's on Sunday 16th June 2019, Fathers Day! They talk about LIVE8, MERCHANDISE, URINALS, IS IT OK TO JUDO CHOP DWARFS?, AYRSHIRE, BACON SWEAT, MEAL DEAL, OFFENDED?, MALL FOR PM, GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL, #TATTOO, RANGERS SHARES, ROAD RAGE, BANGERS, BAND NAMES, LIGHT THE SHITE, MUSHROOMS, COCAINE, DIESIL and loads more questions that you posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Insta pages. Thanks to the hero's that joined us, we are doing it again. 

The Hashtag Show LIVE#02 

feat. Scott Gibson, DJ Mallorca Lee and 100 Hero's


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